London Futurists

Why this podcast?

August 03, 2022 David Season 1 Episode 1
London Futurists
Why this podcast?
Show Notes

Co-hosts David Wood and Calum Chace share their vision and plans for the London Futurists podcast.

00.20: Why we are launching this podcast. Anticipating and managing exponential impact
02.45: It’s not the Fourth Industrial Revolution – it’s the Information Revolution
04.58: AI’s impact. Smartphones as an example of technology’s power
09.04: The obviousness of change in hindsight. Why technology implementation is often slow
11.30: Technology implementation is often delayed by poor planning
15:20: We were promised jetpacks. Instead, we got omniscience
17.14: Technological development is not deterministic, and it contains dangers
19.08: Technologies are always double-edged swords. They might be somewhat deterministic
22.03: Better hindsight enables better foresight
23.06: Introducing ourselves
23.13: David bio
24.53: Calum bio
26.44: Fiction and non-fiction. We need more positive stories
27.37: Topics for future episodes
28.03: There are connections between all these topics
28.42: Excited by technology, but realistic
29.24: Securing a great future

Music: Spike Protein, by Koi Discovery, available under CC0 1.0 Public Domain Declaration

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